Does your old water heater need service or replacement?

Tankless Water Heaters only operate when there is a demand for hot water and can continue to operate and supply endless hot water until the facet or showerhead is turned off. So with tankless the answer to the statement above is Yes “You will never run out of hot water again!” This makes a lot of sense, why keep hot water sitting in a tank when it’s not being used? A “Tank Type” water heater continuously maintain a set temperature and is therefore similar to keeping a hot tea kettle on the range top 24 hours a day. Why heat and pay for hot water you are not using.
The assumption is often made that households with large families would benefit the most for tankless water heaters.
That true, one shower after another would always have the same temperature available. Well what about a single person household? The household with one person would not necessarily run out of hot water with a reasonable size tank. However, keeping all that hot water for one person in a tank is not very efficient!
Therefore, tankless hot water heaters are the best choice for continuous hot water and efficiency regardless of the number a persons in a household. In addition, to meet the demand for multiple shower heads and facets tankless units come in many sizes.